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There is an ever-prevalent threat of identity theft when you transact online. If you become one of the unfortunate victims of such cyber-criminals, your financial accounts can be wiped out. What is worse is that if your credit card information is stolen, you can be plunged into debt because of unauthorized payment transactions.

Identity theft has brought about woes to a lot of people who transact online. The fear of identity theft is not without a basis as it is a common occurrence online. There are also those types of cyber-criminals that steal bank account or credit card information to an unauthorized payment transaction to divert the funds to themselves.

Mobile payment activity

Nowadays, most people have a mobile lifestyle. They do most things like shop using their mobile devices. Cyber-criminals know that and create traps. There are also those dark elements online who devote their time to hacking mobile payment activity so that they can get the funds. Though we seem to be always easy prey to such cyber-criminals, there is a safer way to transact online. Most people are not aware that this alternative payment method is widely used in countries such as Canada. For the past few years, this safer way to pay has been available internationally as provided by an award-winning money services company.

Alternative payment methods

The alternative payment method is that of email transfer. The authorization to make a payment transaction is done using an email. No sensitive information such as bank account or credit card details is exposed online. Cybercriminals have no entry point to get into those financial accounts when the payment method used is that of email transfer. This method of transferring money using an email is a lot safer than that of electronic transfer methods. As we well know, such electronic transactions can be hacked. There are cybercriminals who devote all their time and invest in sophisticated machines to develop malware and other software that’ll do the task of stealing money online.

When you send an email transfer, it has less risk as the money transaction code isn’t online. The transaction will be conducted from financial institutions to another. The process is initiated by the email. The person will send the email to inform their financial institutions like their bank that they want to make a payment. The financial institution, in turn, will complete the transaction. This email transfer method also solves the problem of having limited ways to accept payment. Most people have an email address. The sender uses their email address to send funds to their financial accounts. These accounts can be that of their bank, debit/credit card. Using email transfers simplifies the payment process, making it possible to send money to more recipients.

Keep your information safe online

With less information online, the sender is safer from identity theft and other similar cybercrimes. The sender doesn’t have to divulge their credit card information nor their bank details. All they need is to send pertinent information using an email. There is no need for the sender to log into any of their various financial accounts to send the funds. Make a secure payment transaction and prevent identity theft by using a reliable money service company to make email transfers.